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When I meet a client for the first time in my office, it is professional protocol to conduct an assessment and screening of the key issues that they present concerns about. In addition to a verbal interview and discussion with each client, I often utilize standardized assessments and evaluation tools that help me further diagnose the depth and severity of the issue. As a pastor, although it is likely that you aren’t as familiar with these assessments and screening procedures, you are often times the first person a client reaches out to for assistance.


The intention of this section is to offer professional insight and assessment tools in regards to the key issues that you will likely come across from the people in your church. This is not intended for you to take on the therapy role, but rather, assist you in gathering helpful information about the dynamics of the issues at hand, and to better facilitate the transition process your church members will have when being referred to professional therapy services.


For each of the key issues found below, here are the types of information you can expect to find in this section:


  • General Description and Background of the Issue

  • The Common Signs and Symptoms You May See In Your Church Members

  • Initial Interview and Screening Questions to Ask

  • Assessments and Questionnaires for the Church Member to Fill Out

  • Helpful Articles and Resources for Follow Up Support

  • Options for Referrals  and Recommendations

Pastor Tools & Assessments

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