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Women, Wives & Mothers

Women are designed full of beauty, nurturance and compassion, yet the world’s expectations, challenges and disappointments often wear down the feminine’s heart’s desire to love and live fully as God designed.
This section is dedicated to support women in the weariness of life by offering uplifting resources and relevant information to inspire and uplift your heart and relationships.


Common Things I Help With in My Office...



  • “My husband won’t communicate with me, no matter how hard I try to get him to talk to me.”

  • “I often feel alone in the daily struggles in my family and life.”

  • “I struggle with balancing life as a wife, mother, daughter, and as an individual.”

  • “I’m afraid I will create anxiety or social issues in my child.”

  • “My children depend on me way too much, yet I can’t seem to let them struggle through life.”

  • “I’m struggling with the type of mother God calls me to be.”



Featured Readings

Captivating, John and Stasi Eldredge


As an invitation to a deeper walk with God, this book offers insight into a woman’s spiritual heart, with recognition of the unmet needs and yearnings that often leave a woman feeling tired and alone, even in the midst of relationships.



The Resolution for Women, by Shirer, Kendrick & Kendrick


Inspired by the Christian movie, Courageous, this self reflective book helps women who desire to be-someone completely Christ-centered who blesses and changes things in her world for the better.


Featured Articles & Posts


"Breathing Space: Three Secrets for Creating More Room in Your Life with God"

Written by: Keri Wyatt Kent

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"A Mom's Greatest Fear"

Written by: Lysa TerKeurst

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“10 Marriage Tips Every Wife Needs to Hear”

Written by: Karen Lodato

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“Cultivating Meaningful Friendships”

Written by: Jenni Roney

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