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 As pastors and Ministry leaders, you are called to lead, support and nurture the people of

your community.  My goal is to assist you as a co-laborer and provide professional insight,

consultations, resources and an invitation to co-create a fellowship network that will

better enhance our ministries and spiritual community.



Professional Services Offered to Pastors


Assessments and Recommendations for Potential Referrals


Pastor Group Forums

  • Youth Pastor and Family Minstry Leaders Discussion Forum

  • Senior and Associate Pastors Discussion Forum


Complimentary Pastor Passes

  • Events, workshops, seminars


Pastor Consultation ‘Office Hours’


Directory for referrals and resources


Pastoral Self-Care and Support


Church and Ministry Group Consultations and Assessments




Common Reasons Pastors Contact Me...



  • “There’s a crisis happening with a member from our church, how can I help them?”

  • “A current church member has come to me looking for Christian therapy services and I’m not sure of reliable resources to tell them about.”

  • “I’m looking for information about the therapeutic and mental health care services offered in the Madison area, hopefully from a Christian perspective”

  • “Assistance in coordinating recovery plan for individuals, couples, family, etc”

  • “Opportunities for community coordination and shared resources”

  • “Opportunities for continued education and training on counseling issues”



The intention of this section is to highlight relevant resources that are local and accessible to you as a pastor, as well as to your church members.  I am personally committed to building a rapport and an active professional network with each of the programs in this section in the hopes of being better prepared to offer personal referrals for you or your church members when necessary.

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As a pastor you are often times the first person a church member reaches out to for assistance.  The intention of this section is to offer professional insight and assessment tools in regards to the key issues that you will likely come across from the people in your church. This is not intended for you be obligated to take on the therapy role, rather, assist you in gathering helpful information about the dynamics of the issues at hand, and to better facilitate the transition process your church members will have when being referred to professional therapy services if appropriate.

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The intention of this section is to help highlight and address key issues relevant for pastors to be aware of, to invite you to be self-attuned for how things are in your life, and to offer resources that assist in nurturing and rejuvenating your spirit so you can continue the work God has for you in the churches you have been called to serve.

The intention of this section is to offer you as pastor an opportunity to directly engage and interact with me and have a powerful say in the content of this website. My main goal is to offer information and resources that are most needed, and for that I depend on your feedback.

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