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Men, Husbands & Fathers

As men we are often described as strong, passionate, courageous, a provider, etc, yet, more times than not, there is a hidden fear that we aren’t living up to the design God calls us to as men, husbands and fathers.
This section is dedicated to encourage men to acknowledge the internal realities of their heart and spirit, while providing resources and community to address the external pressures of the various roles in your life.


Common Things I Help With in My Office...



  • “I know I provide well but I struggle with connecting emotionally.”

  • “ I find myself pulling away and isolating from the people I love the most.”

  • “I often feel invalidated and low on the priority list with my wife.”

  • “I struggle balancing the time and energy I put into the office versus at home.”

  • “I’ve been losing my temper easily especially with those I love the most.”

  • “I’m struggling being the type of father God calls me to be.”

  • "I’m either afraid of failing, afraid of rejection or afraid of being bored with the life I have.”



Featured Readings

Wild at Heart, by John Eldredge


For men willing to “check under the hood” and are searching for a deeper understanding of the design in which they are made, this book is a great way to explore the inner desires and thirsts we all share.



The Resolution for Men, by Kendrick, Kendrick & Alcorn


Inspired by the Christian movie, Courageous, consider this as a scriptural based template of what God calls us to be as men, husbands and fathers.


Featured Articles & Posts


"7 Ground Rules to Becoming Fathers of the Future"

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"Did You Do Something of Value Today?"

Written by: Dennis Rainey

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“21 Things Men Need To Know About Marriage”

Written by: Jeff Kemp

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“How to Not Treat Your Spouse”

Written by: Scott Williams

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