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General Functioning Questions:


  • Is it affecting their functioning in key areas of their life?

    • Any physical health issues?

    • Any family/home life issues?

    • Any occupational issues?

    • Any legal issues?


  • Are others noticing it as an issue for them?




Level of Safety and Stability Questions:


  • Are they in danger from themselves or anyone else in their life?

  • Do they have any current thoughts or intentions of harming themselves? Any past attempts?

  • In the past year, have they had more than five drinks in a day?



Determining the Level of Intensity and Urgency of Action Plan


  1. They have reached an emergency level

  2. There is a need to refer out to mental health professionals

  3. They could benefit from a consultation and discussion

  4. Their concern is noticeable but within normal limits

Key Screening Questions for a Pastor to Ask

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