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Men's Hidden Addiction Group Testimonials


* "The group was well worth the money I paid. There was a lot of information to keep processing – I went away hungry and knowing where to look was great."


* "Regarding the therapist, he did an outstanding job! His style was perfect for me."


* "The group was well worth it; I don’t think a value can be put on what I’ve learned about myself and the tools that I have to move forward."


* "This group was the best thing to happen in my life - to understand my addiction and to know that I am not alone."


* "The therapist was an amazing listener, coach and friend."


* "Thank you Center for Christian Counseling and God for helping me get control of my life!"


* "The facilitator was caring, thoughtful and wise. He expertly navigated us through these choppy waters."


* "Justin did a great job with the group. I feel it was well led!"


* "Great group. I really feel like God was the one directing the group. I really feel like I am equipped to keep growing and staying strong."


* "I would almost take it again to cement the things that I have taken from this group."


* "This group was the linchpin to my breakthrough in my addiction – I would have never developed the skills, knowledge, and tools that have been key to my recovery that I could not find elsewhere; if you approach this class with a desire to get well and do the necessary work, what you can achieve through this class is priceless."


* "Justin was a superb facilitator who communicated with each group member intentionally and in his own style and challenged us appropriately and lovingly and at our own pace and level of need."


* "Justin did a great job keeping the group on task but providing love and listening to each member. It was a fluid and structured template.* “I believe this group was completely worth my time and money. I have been helped immensely.”


* “The group was very well facilitated. The therapist was very aware of individual and group needs, and he was constantly helping us understand things. He also knew when to talk and make up our own minds.”


* “I thought that the therapist did a great job. He asked good questions to make you think without being judgmental.”* “Facilitation was excellent; the therapist is one of the best counselors I have had!”


* “Being in this group – hearing and sharing each other’s struggles helped me learn to be more open and honest and that I need others to help me.”


* “What was most helpful to me was learning how to deal with my family; how family values have affected me and others, and how the forgiveness of Jesus Christ works in all of us – we need to learn to accept it.”


* “Attending this group has been my most helpful step toward recovery this far and I am so thankful I was able to be a part of it. Thank you so much for everything!”


* "It was an amazing experience and progression seen through this group. I would highly recommend this group for those seeking intimacy and/or facing hidden addictions.”

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