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Testimonials from Presentations


* "Justin, you are personable and totally effective in your presentation. Kept my attention the whole time."


* "Many ways that were discussed made me think of other issues in our marriage. The comedy added into the presentation and kept me interested and the way it was presented was very clear and complete."


* "Good personal examples. Given the major role of parenting is marriage, could include this to a greater degree."


* "Great setting, good format and Justin has a wonderful way of sharing his love for God and marriage. A+"


* "Great! It was nice to have a mix between activities (in workbook), lecture, and private discussion with spouse."


* "Enjoyed the workbook and space for notes, scripted examples, personal examples, additional resource suggestions."


* "I feel you did a good job. You are a great man of God. Thank you for helping my family."


* "I appreciate Justin’s presentation style. He was easy for me to listen to and follow."


* "Lots of information. I enjoyed it when couples came up and became part of the lecture."


* "I appreciated the combination of “lecture”, “practice”, and examples using other people attending (reading scenarios)."


* "I enjoyed Justin opening up his heart to us."


* "Excellent communication skills, very knowledgeable."


* "Yes, it was so well worth the money. Very informative and knowledgeable and Christian-based. Honestly, I feel I got a great deal!"


* "My wife received the email on the seminar. I am happy she signed us up. The money spent was minimal compared to the values learned."


* "Yes – As we grow, we need to invest in our marriage as we do so many other things in life. It is so important!"


* "You are a wonderful, fantastic speaker and seem passionate on what you speak of."


* "I would recommend this presentation to other churches or groups. It was even better than I anticipated!!!"


* "Justin – excellent to get to know your work/mission and thankful for your presence in our community."


* "Thank you for telling of other resources, i.e. books, etc., that help in processing and understanding all the info. It’s a lot of information to take in at once."

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