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Life Skills Workshop Testimonials


*" I felt all the material was helpful! Liked the size of the group, place, time and leader! He was a great facilitator."


*" I very much felt the group was very effective, had a wealth of knowledge and liked how the materials were communicated!"


* "Yes, I do feel it was worth the money paid. IT could have cost more and be 100% worth it."


* "Yes, I definitely would recommend this group to others."


* "I really was glad I was encouraged to take this class by our counselor, family and friends."


* "Exceeded what I expected."


* "Yes I would recommend the group to others, and I have!"


* "I felt the facilitator was quite knowledgeable and responsive to the needs of the class."


* "Overall a very informative and helpful class with an effective instructor."


* "Thanks for the great class! It was very helpful and I’m looking forward to further practice."


* "What was most important to me was making me look and analyze how my husband and I parent and giving ideas on how to change and accept differences."


* "It is helpful to hear that other parents are struggling with the same things. It is helpful to hear what other parents are trying and what works."


* "I really enjoyed all the information and getting good resources/books to help even further."


* "Justin was effective in his facilitation. It moved at a good speed."



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