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Sexual Integrity- Youth Prevention

S-E-X-. Those three letters put together can cause such a variety of reactions from people of all ages. Yet, in a Godly home, we are called to “bring truth to light” and deal directly with those things that cause us anxiety.
This section is dedicated to provide support and resources to help youth, teens and parents be proactive in their discussions and help prevent unnecessary struggle from such a normal and spiritually designed area of our lives.


Common Things I Help With in My Office...



  • “I know there are a lot of temptations in my life and I’m trying to follow God’s way, yet I struggle.”

  • “I’ve been struggling with inappropriate material yet I can’t be honest with my parents about it.”

  • “I’ve been feeling pressured to be more sexual, yet I don’t want to disappoint my parents, myself, or God.”

  • “We’re concerned our children have too much exposure to inappropriate material and we want to help protect them.”

  • "We don’t know the best way to discuss sexuality and temptations with our children, especially because we have struggled with it ourselves growing up.”



Featured Readings

Talking to Your Kids About Sex, by Mark Laaser


This book is directly focused on coaching you through specific, age-appropriate discussions you can have with your son or daughter from early childhood through young adulthood. Mark offers scriptural truth and human sexual development research to foster honest and genuine dialogues with your children of any age.



Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex, by Josh & Dottie McDowell


In Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex, Josh and Dottie McDowell draw on their decades-long love and concern for youth and help cover topic specific areas that are vital to healthy proactive awareness and integrity for youth today.



Every Young Man’s Battle, by Arteburn, Stoeker & Yorkey


Similar their other books, this one is very helpful for a scriptural study of how God intends for young, single Christians to walk with sexual integrity. This is a great proactive and self-rebuking resource that encourages young man to take a stand within themselves and their commitment to healthy sexuality.



Every Young Woman’s Battle, by Ethridge & Arteburn


This counterpart to Every Young Man’s Battle, is written directly to females and whether you have so far protected yourself emotionally and sexually, feel that you've been robbed of your purity, or have given in to temptation in some way, this book can help you achieve or reclaim sexual integrity.




Featured Articles & Posts

“Helping Your Children Win at Purity”

Written by: Rob Flood

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“ 5 Mistakes Parents Make When It Come to Talking About Porn”

Written by: Luke Gilkerson

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“Teaching Purity in a Seductive Culture”

Written by: Mark Gregston

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