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Additional Readings for Internet, Video Game & Social Media Awareness

Digital Invasion, by Dr. Archibald Hart & Sylvia Hart Frejd
With the latest research supporting them, Dr. Hart uncovers both the subtle and the dramatic ways digital technology is changing us from within, especially on our relational and spiritual lives. Through insights from neuroscience and psychology, they offer readers therapeutic and biblical strategies for handling the digital invasion in order to become good stewards of their digital lives.
Caught in the Net, by Dr. Kimberly Young
Written by one of the top researchers in the field, this book is among the first to acknowledge the addictive nature of the internet and subsequent social media outlets. This is a valuable resource with helping develop a personal strategy to maintain a healthy balance of the digital and real worlds we live in.
Video Games and Your Kids, by Cash & McDaniel
I recommend this book for parents who are worried that their children may be spending too much time playing video games. Based on research and the author s clinical experience, the book explains what gaming addiction is, how much gaming is too much, and the effects gaming has on the body and brain, as well as specific advice for each developmental age of your child.
Unplugged: My Journey into the Dark World of Video Game Addiction, by Ryan G. Van Cleave
This book is written from the first hand experience of a man who was a college professor, husband, father, yet found himself on the brink of suicide due to his addiction to video games. This is a very powerful testimony and warning in regards to the negative impact video games can have on the lives of those we love.
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